The difference in testosterone levels in men and women

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The variation in the level of the testosterone hormone is seen in the person’s body throughout the year. Both the male and the female have a good amount of testosterone in their body. But the value in the male is high as compared to the females. In standard, the level of testosterone that a person will have depends on the person’s age, sex, and health.

If the person has a sufficient testosterone level, then the person’s overall health will be good. In general, estrogen production takes place in women, so they have estrogen in high amounts compared to males. However, in the case of the males, there is the production of the testosterone, so they contain a high amount compared to females.

Also, testosterone has a main role in muscle building. For man, it is recommended to have a 70+ testosterone levels for high muscle gains. Thus, many bodybuilders are using dianabol for sale for this purpose. It helps them to benefit the highest anabolic potential of testosterone. Also, you might consider Masteron for this purpose.

Level of testosterone

A person should always have an idea of the level of testosterone that the person’s body contains. As per the usual report, it is seen that testosterone levels differ based not only on sex of the person but also on age. The changes in their level are for the complete lifetime.

  • If we talk about the children of the age group of 7 to 10 years, males have 1.80 to 5.68 at this stage. The females will have 2.69 to 10.29 of the testosterone.
  • The adults of the age of 19 or more must have 265- 923 if they are female. As we know, females have less than they can have just 15 to 70 of the testosterone.
  • Another category is the children between 13 to 17 years of age. They must have a range of 208 to 496 if they are males. On the other side, the females will have 16 to 31 in number as per their situation.

If the person faces a high or a low level of testosterone, both the situation prove to be harmful to the health of the person. So the maintenance of testosterone level is a must for the person.

Is There A Difference In Kind Of Testosterone?

Both the male and female bodies have a certain level of testosterone. Now the question that strikes is there any difference in the type of testosterone that both of them have? Both of the products have the same kind of testosterone; the only thing is that the conversion of the female hormone takes place in the female sex hormones.

Some of the most common differences noticed in the two options of the testosterones are as follows:

  • The part of the body that will produce testosterone in males is different from that of females.
  • The duty of the testosterone will differ based on its production in the male or the female.
  • Normal levels of testosterone are produced in different people.

 The level of testosterone will differ based on the male and the female. The main reason for the difference is that men have 15 times the amount of the circulation of the testosterone at any age in comparison to the females at any age.

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